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Reasons Why You Should Pick Me for The O2O BlissDom ’13 Sponsorship Program

Top 5 Reasons why you should pick me for the O2O BlissDom ’13 Sponsorship Program

I’m cute…. No seriously, I am, see the picture above! Ok, ok, ok… I was just joking with that one!

I love blogging, I feel like it’s my duty to share my life and experiences with the world! Whether it’s about losing my job, raising and taking care of my boychild as a single mother or educating others on my life with heart disease… I simply love to share!

Since I’m not working in corporate America anymore I find it extremely difficult to pay for these conferences but they are so invaluable to what I do as a blogger! Between running (my fashion and beauty blog) to running Swa-Rai Mommy (my mommy blog) to educating young people on heart disease awareness on Bleeding Heart Project, I always get valuable information on how to continue to expand my brand!

I love working with O2O Network, I’ve been provided with some very valuable opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible without their help! The best opportunity was when I hosted the Chicago leg of the Garnier Greener Tour here in Chicago! It was so much fun working with MaryEllen and meeting all my readers, while being pampered at the same time!

I’m a social butterfly! Simply put, I know how to work a room! I love meeting new people and I love telling them about my experiences in blogging! Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not shy; and if this blogging thing doesn’t work out, I’m also a part-time comedian 🙂

So, I know I said I would give you 5 reasons but here is a bonus! I can’t afford to go so help a sister out…lol

But seriously, I would love to represent O2O, I’ve had nothing but a great experience working with O2O, and look forward to our continued partnership!

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