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New Orleans, Niche Mommy Conference Style

I’ve been to a ton of conferences in my life; whether it was for my sorority, blog or any of the other organizations I’m apart of, I’ve had my fair share of conference going experiences! Last month before I celebrated my birthday, went to NYFW, got sick and ended up having surgery (yeah I know that’s a lot) I attended The Niche Mommy Conference in New Orleans.

Before, the conference I had never been to New Orleans before so I had big expectations of the city and the conference, and let me tell you neither disappointed! The hospitality I experienced from the moment the plane landed was extraordinary…

The Roosevelt Hotel was a great place to hold the Niche Mommy Conference, the rooms were beautiful (see my review on the hotel here).

The staff was so incredible that it almost felt like they were family, believe it or not… I missed them once I got home!

Now lets talk about the conference, for the first time in my conference life, I attended just about 95% of the sessions! Yay, me! Why is this so important to me? You see, after you’ve been blogging for a while often times I feel like I got nothing out of the sessions or the information presented seemed to be for beginner bloggers… so I end up not attending or feeling quite disappointed! And surprisingly, I didn’t feel this way at Niche Mommy Conference, I actually looked forward to the sessions and seeing some of my new and old peeps!

So, now can we talk about the food? My gawd, the good people of New Orleans fed me way to good! I’m serious from the beignets, to the seafood gumbo, to the pralines, I definitely wasn’t disappointed! You know how you go to a conference and get that terrible conference food?  You know what I’m talking about those box lunches filled with cold cuts! This was definitely not the case at Niche Mommy, my ticket cost alone was well worth it for the food they fed us….

And more food…

And last but not least, I had more fun networking, hanging with my old peeps and meeting some new peeps! How does a person have this much fun in 3 days? I had so much fun, I had to borrow the pics below from my boo Danyelle (The Cubicle Chick). I took my big fancy camera but never took it out the entire time I was there, I was definitely having too much fun!!!

Like, I said in the beginning, the Niche Mommy Conference hands down was one of the best I’ve been to. The conference was big enough yet small enough to allow us bloggers to make true connections and meet some pretty awesome people! The networking was invaluable and also gave me a chance to meet the great people over at Collective Bias, who I’ve been working with for a while. The only thing I look forward to changing at the 2013 Niche Mommy Conference would be to expand the expo hall and bring on additional brands that want to work with bloggers. Since I’ve hosted my own events in the past I do realize how hard that can be when you have the inauguration of any event so I look forward to seeing more growth in 2013! I’m so glad that they are keeping the conference in New Orleans and I hope they keep it at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Great job to the folks at Niche Mommy Conference and Nadia on a job well-done!

I would also like to thank the good people over at A Time to Play and Huggies for sponsoring my hotel and conference ticket, if it hadn’t been for you guys I wouldn’t have been able to attend!

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