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My Birthday Swa-Rai Recap: Distinctive Ladies Events x Papaterie Belle

I’ve had a hell of a birthday month, spending most of it either ill or in the hospital; I’m at home recuperating and wanted to share with you the deets from this years birthday party. Usually for my birthday, I’m very hands on to the last detail but this year between hosting events and preparing to head to New York for Fashion Week, I really didn’t have the time. When the ladies over at Distinctive Ladies Events contacted me regarding sponsoring this years party, I must admit I was a little leery. You see, I’m a perfectionist and I like things the way that I like them so I wasn’t sure if I could relinquish control. After finally coming to the conclusion that I just didn’t have time to plan this years party, I gave the ladies full control! We had several phone calls to discuss what it was I wanted and they took over from there! When I say they handled every detail, I mean every detail and I didn’t have to lift not one finger… it was perfect!

Since I’m a Sex and the City freak, I decided I wanted to go with a Swa-Rai in the City theme. I also wasn’t in the mood for a big bash, I wanted something small an intimate so I would have time to hang out with some of my favorite people. The owner and my boo Melissa owner of Emalon Showroom let us host my shindig at her place, since it was a boutique it was the perfect venue for my theme.

This was the treat table…

Giveaways for the guests…

They even came up with the menu based on things I like… Everyone loved the food!

This fruit was so delicious!

The ladies are even licensed bartenders… They had all kind of drinks going from Cosmo’s and Wine to shots! My kind of party!

There was even a masseuse in the building…

The girls even had a welcome sign created!! They didn’t miss a beat! These girls did an excellent job, I would definitely hire them to do my next event. Thanks ladies for making my event perfect!!

If you are looking for an event planner to take on the big or small details, I recommend checking out Distintive Ladies Events on Facebook or by calling (773) 901-9826.

Special Shoutout to Lori of Papaterie Belle, she sponsored all of my graphic work, Lori is super dope! She got my vision dead on, I highly recommend her as well!

 Part 2, what I wore is coming tomorrow! Stay Tuned!!

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