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California Pizza Kitchen Has A New Recipe, It Is Their Best Recipe Yet!

The boychild and I love, love, love pizza! I just love how quick and easy it is to prepare with my busy schedule. Recently, California Pizza Kitchen sent over a few coupons for me to try out their new recipes. I decided we would give the White and BBQ Chicken a try so we could compare them to the old recipe.

The White Pizza had noticeably more parmesan cheese and sauce. The new recipe works because the pizza was a lot more savory and not as dry as in the past!

Aww, BBQ Chicken has always been my absolute favorite CPK pizza; the new recipe includes grilled white-meat, red onions and my all-time favorite cilantro.

As you can see the boychild is all smiles… The new pizzas get a thumbs up in our household!

For more information on the new recipes go here!

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