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The Boychild Loves Neon Tiki Tribe Books

My boychild loves to learn! I mean it’s really the only way I can keep him out of trouble! While at BlogHer, I came across these really cool books by Neon Tiki Tribe at a Mom Select Event and couldn’t wait to bring them home to him. He absolutely loves when I read them to him, it’s even funnier when he tries to make up his own story to go with the pictures since he can’t read yet…lol

He was even happier when we went to the mailbox and discovered they had sent him a few more to go along with his first book.

He was like thanks Mom, I really appreciate it… Now, I just need the last one (there were 4 books in the series), this boy knows too much!

I like these books because they encourage creativity, they have a great story line and encourages families to spend time together while teach kids about the beach, playground and more. To check out the full collection go here.

*I received these books for review, I wasn’t compensated; all opinions are my own.

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  • Hi! Raijean, your baby boy (child) is definitely a cutie and your story is amazing. I’ve had friends with congestive heart failure before, but none of them were as young as you.

    All the Neon Tiki Tribe photos are cool and your review of our project is awesome. I have to tell you something funny too, that I noticed in the photos. Part of the Peoples Court televison show is in the background! It’s one of my favorite television shows and I record it any day that I’m out of town (Like the Blog Her event where I met you).

    In any case, keep up the great work. You are an inspiration!

    Take Care
    J. Greg Devlin

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