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My Fear of Dying…

Hey Guys, I’m back….

I have a secret,  yes a secret! Since I was diagnosed with heart disease, I’ve been dealing with thoughts of death. I don’t know why, but it seemed like my diagnosis meant automatic death. I’ve become paranoid, if I get even the slightest pain in my chest, I automatically think this is it. Most of my friends don’t know of my fear of dying for fear they would sweep it under the rug or tell me to stop thinking such foolishness.  But I know the possibility is quite real! I mean, how long can one live with heart disease…

Sometimes, I contemplate talking to someone about it since I don’t feel like I can really turn to my friends.  In reality unless they are diagnosed with a life threatening disease then they can’t really understand…

While, this issue bothers me I’m comforted by the fact that if I do leave this world early that I will join my mother and father, I just don’t want to leave early…

Do you have a fear of dying? Tell me about it….

Can anyone else relate? Have you been diagnosed with something and now have a fear of dying? How are you coping?

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