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Product Review: The Many Uses of Ivory

I’ve been using Ivory soap since I was a little girl! My grandmother bought it and used it for everything so when I got old enough to start buying my own, Ivory it was!

Recently, I received another bar of soap from Influenster (read about my Mom VoxBox here)and learned about additional uses for Ivory! Check out some of them below:

     * Body Cleanser 
   * Facial Cleanser
       * Clothes Stain Remover (food stains, ring around collar, etc)
       * Laundry Flakes
       * Soap Carving Project & more

I already use it as a body cleaners and facial cleanser because it’s very gentle on the skin. I recently started using it to remove stains from the boychilds clothes, I was surprised it  really worked! My son has eczema so it was very gentle on his skin. Perhaps what I love most about Ivory is the price, you can get 10 bars for less than $5.00 if that’s not a value than I don’t know what is!

Now tell me, what do you use your Ivory bar for?


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