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Event Recap: Lush Cosmetics New Emotional Brilliance Collection

A few weeks ago, I was invited to Lush to check out their new Emotional Brilliance Collection, my sister got me hooked on this store a few years ago and I’ve never looked back! Going to Lush is like a kid going to a candy store, you always want something!

The prayer I said before I walked in: God, please hold my wallet! Amen!

See what I mean? Kid in a candy store…smh! Such a set up but I keep coming back!

The good people over a Lush had the store decorated so pretty…

Then I was summoned to the back room for a first look at the Emotional Brilliance collection!

When I got to the back room they closed the door behind me and I was left in a dark room with these two women. My first thoughts was what kind of freaky $hit is this…lol

The lady told me to have a seat and pick the first 3 colors on the wheel that got my attention!

And in true Raijean fashion, I picked the boldest colors I could find! Each color had a trait attached to them which tells the reader more about your personality! Based on the colors I selected the words that described me wee Strong, Decisive and In Charge, which ironically described me to a T…

Check out other colors from the collection:

I am definitely loving the entire collection! Probably one of my favorite colors was Passionate.

Do you like how it looks on me…

Ignore that dumb strap! Ugghh!

I look forward to trying other colors in the collection, I defintiely recommend you stopping by the nearest Lush store and trying the collection ASAP! Whether you are in the market for lip color, eyeliners or eyeshadows the Emotional Brilliance collection has something for you!

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  • Stopped in yesterday and took home a bag full of goodies!!! I won’t have time to dive into them until this weekend but I’m feeling some girl time coming soon and the bag of treats is just the perfect fix 🙂

  • Eeeeek all of the colors!!! I just squealed at my computer screen. I’m so excited and my co-workers now know that I’m CRAZY. I’ve never been in I just kind of rush by on my way in to WTPlace but I see it’s a MUST I go in to play!

  • I need to pray with you about this store, I’m going and you sent me. The store is fabulous oh my goodness. I never pay it any attention while in Macy’s but the stand alone store is spectacular. You brought it to light, who knew they had polishes and fabulous eye shadows. Thank you

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