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Confession: My Secret Obsession With Gain Detergent

Ok, I have a confession!  One so big that only a few people know about my secret! It’s taken me a really long time to even talk about it.  I had actually forgotten about secret until I got the package below in the mail!

Gain Detergent Hawaiian Aloha

Ok, still don’t get it??

I had an addiction to sniffing detergent! What? You thought it was something else? It’s not that kind of blog…lol

But seriously, I was super addicted to going into stores going up and down the aisle, opening up detergents and sniffing the various scents and brands! If a store had a laundry section than I had to go to it! I don’t care where I was, I even did it while visiting New York…smh


You, see it all started out of nowhere! It’s like my smell sense took over once I got pregnant and I became obsessed! Oddly, enough my urge to sniff didn’t stop after I had the baby. It was damn near 2 years later before I would shake my habit! I would spend at least 10-15 mins in the aisle opening up each and every bottle. At first I tried to hide it but my sister found me out! She got so used to me doing it, that she would just walk past the aisle shaking her head and saying, really Rai! The funny part thing is the only brand that was ever good enough for my addiction was Gain! I would open up certain brands and they just wouldn’t satisfy my craving! Crazy, I know. It took me a long while to kick that habit but I finally did.

So, when I was asked to pick my favorite Gain scent.. I was like Oh boy, anything but Gain! lmao

After smelling Icy Fresh Fizz, Hawaiian Aloha or Sunflower & Sunshine, I ultimately decided on Hawaiian Aloha with Febreeze. This scent reminds me of family time at the beach, something about this scent screams water and family fun (preferably on a tropical island) but hey, the beach works also…lol

For more information on Gain products go here.

I received a bottle of Gain for my post, however all opinions are my own!

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