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Check Out The Things I Splurge On, My Priceless Style!

I’m going to be honest, I don’t believe in spending a lot of money on clothes. You see my dilemma is this… I’m not a small girl and my weight tends to fluctuate so imagine I go and buy these expensive pieces and then I can’t get into it! No sir, I refuse! I’ve quickly learned the art of hi-lo dressing. Meaning, I will wear a piece of clothing from H & M, Forever 21 or wherever with an expensive handbag and/or shoes, and be just as content! You see we live in a world where everything is about labels but that doesn’t mean you have to fall prey. If you pay close attention to some of the richest celebs you will see that they too will mix expensive pieces with inexpensive items. Now, none of this is to say don’t splurge on yourself because believe me, I do! I’m just not willing to max out my credit cards or miss a rent payment to do so!

So what are the things that I’m willing to splurge on???
You guessed it, purses, accessories and shoes!

Life is short so why not treat yourself!

Now tell me, what do you splurge on?

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  • That makes a lot of sense not to splurge on clothes because name brands get played out just as fast as the latest “ring-tone-rapper”… I would sell a kidney for a cute pair of heels tho! I do not splurge on expensive jewelry either because I always lose one ear ring. Also accessories get more funkier over time, so I buy my accessories when I see something that is cute and unique. It could be from Target, Charming Charlies, Body Central, Arden B or a local boutique! Now what I think I am about to start investing in is a nice handbag! They really compliment a look…

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