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What’s an Enlarged Heart x In Memory of 15 Year Old Jamaar Joe Louis Holder

I can’t tell you how many times heart disease in people often gets misdiagnosed. When I originally checked into the hospital before my (heart disease) diagnosis they tried to tell me I simply had a case of pneumonia, but it was so much more!

Often times heart issues can be diagnosed as something else and therefore go undetected. I suggest you take a look at your family history and some of the symptoms you are experiencing! Start taking your heart health into your own hands.

Let me introduce you to 15 year old Jamaar Joe Louis Holder, Jamaar started having chest pains so he went to the hospital. They told Jammar it was a case of acid reflux and sent him home.

Two days later Jamaar was dead!

Jamaar died of an enlarged heart.

So what’s an enlarged heart you may ask??

According to “An enlarged heart is medically known as cardiomegaly. Cardiomegaly can be caused by a number of different conditions, including diseases of the heart muscle or heart valves,high blood pressurearrhythmias, and pulmonary hypertensionCardiomegaly can also sometimes accompany longstanding anemia and thyroid diseases, among other conditions. Infections, nutritional deficiencies, toxins (such as alcohol or drugs), and some medications have been associated with cardiomegaly. In some situations (for example, pregnancy) there can be a temporary increased demand on the heart, resulting in some temporary enlargement.

As you can see there are numerous causes for ones heart to be enlarged. It is important to remember that an enlarged heart is not a disease itself but a physical sign that can accompany many diseases and conditions. Treatment and prognosis are dependent upon the underlying cause.”

While we can’t bring Jamaar back, if you ever experience chest pains I suggest you ask your Doctor to check to see if you have an enlarged heart.  While you can still live with an enlarged heart it is still a condition that you want a Doctor too monitor, it’s also possible for the heart to return to its normal state provided you take care of the underlying issue in a timely manner.  Taking care of your heart could mean the difference between life or death.

RIP Jamaar, let’s not let his death be in vain….

I’m not a Doctor nor do I claim to be, my job is simply to spread the word about heart disease! Did you lose a family member to heart disease tell me about it

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