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Guest Post: How To Spot A Man Who Needs A Makeover (For the Discerning Woman)

Alright Ladies, our Men’s Fashion Correspondent Jerry G (@godhed) is back with a follow-up to his first Swa-Rai post(found here)!

This time around Jerry G is telling the ladies how they know when it’s time to give their man a makeover!

How To Spot A Man Who Needs A Makeover (For the Discerning Woman)

  1. He is wearing a suit with four (4) or more buttons, also known as the Steve Harvey suit.

– A clear indicator of a man with a non-existent sense of fashion is the dreaded ‘Steve Harvey Suit’.  You know it when you see it: the endless amount of buttons, the jacket two sizes too big and too long, the baggy pants that wear like bell bottoms, the bad pinstripes and obnoxious colors…you are embarrassed for HIM.

JERRY G’s MAN-REMEDY: EVERY man should know his suit size, and probably should select his suit a size smaller. A well-dressed man NEVER wears a suit with more than three buttons, preferably two, and he NEVER buttons the last button.  A well-dressed man will invest in a tailor to make sure the suit he selects has a fit that exudes confidence, comfortability and contouring. A well-dressed man should always finish his suit with a pocket square. Always.

  1. He is wearing square toe or pointed toe dress shoes.

Square toe dress shoes are just bad. There is nothing inherently good about them. And yet, pointed toe dress shoes are even worse. These fashion trends have arrived and left, and should not have even come. They take away too much attention from the suit, the main event of a man’s wardrobe, and they usually are cheaply made and/or poorly designed.

JERRY G’s MAN-REMEDY: You can never go wrong with a pair of brown or black oxfords or wingtips.  If a man possesses confidence and a heightened sense of style, he might be seen in brogues, bucks, a dress boot, loafers or even driving shoes with a suit. A well dressed man will invest in a high quality pair of shoes from a trusted brand that might seem pricey in the beginning, yet will last for half a lifetime if properly cared for.

  1. His dress shirt and collar is way too big.

– One of the easiest ways to spot a man who cannot dress is one who wears his dress shirts too big.  The shirt is usually baggy and poofed out of his pants, and probably will be cheap looking and extending down past the palms of his hands. The worse part is that the collar of his shirt is probably so big, you can see down into his shirt and it makes him look like a turtle.

JERRY G’s MAN-REMEDY: EVERY man should know his shirt size, and that consists of two measurements: the neck/collar size and the arm/sleeve length.  Dress shirts should fit comfortable yet close to the body, and the well dressed man would only wear a collar that he can fit one finger inside…two or more fingers means the collar is too big.

  1. His neck tie is too short or too long.

Too Long!

Too Short!

– Another easy way to spot a man who needs help is the guy who walked out of the house with his neck tie too short or too long.  If his tie is too short, he resembles a midget and probably has a knot that is too big for his tie and shirt. If his tie is too long, he needs to learn the rules of successfully wearing ties.

JERRY G’s MAN-REMEDY: The correct length of a tie is one that falls right in the middle of the belt buckle. Nothing more. Nothing less. A well dressed man will also add a tie bar that helps keep the tie in place. If you see his tie too short or too long, tell him to keep practicing.

Alright guys and girls, there you have it! Do you agree or disagree let us know your thoughts!

Jerry Hawkins is the Director of Children’s Services at Non Profit in Dallas, TX, and an Educational Consultant with an expertise in Character & Manhood Education Strategies, Involved Fatherhood, and Effective Parenting Methods. Jerry was formerly a Male Involvement Specialist and Parenting Facilitator for the Chicago Urban League’s Male Involvement Program, where he became a Certified Effective Parenting Instructor, and served for almost eight years. From 1990 through 1996, he was the recipient of an A.R.T. Scholarship and a Teacher’s Assistantship to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for a six (6) year study of fine arts, studio drawing, graphic design and computer graphic design, and later received his B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Child & Family Services from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Upon graduation, Mr. Hawkins was a Study Abroad Research Fellowship Recipient from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale to study and research “African Cultural Continuities of The Peoples of Central America (Belize, Guatemala and Honduras).” He later earned his M.Ed. at Northeastern Illinois University’s Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies, where he was awarded a Graduate Assistantship from NEIU’s Graduate School and Ronald Williams Library. Previously, Jerry Hawkins has worked for Roosevelt University and the Chicago Park District. He also is a proud father and a member of the National Education Association and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc.

Jerry believes that fashion is an imperative aspect of an adult man’s life. Jerry has styled several men and woman informally for years, consulted for fashion shows. He also designs and illustrates garments for regional designers.

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  • I love the article. Great read for young men trying to learn how to dress more professionally. However I do like some square toe shoes. Not the ones that are so square and pointed up they look like an elf. Again, great tips!

  • I absolutely LOVE a man in a suit taylored to his body type. To me there is nothing much sexier than that. No matter what his size, a man becomes so much more attractive with confidence, a touch of style and fashionable knowledge. Good Post Jerry!

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