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New Snack Alert: Kraft MilkBite Milk & Granola Bars

If you are a busy mom like myself or just plain busy you might enjoy Kraft’s MilkBite Milk & Granola Bars.

I won’t lie, I refuse to drink a glass of milk! Even though I know the importance of drinking a glass of milk something happened to me when I was a kid that won’t allow me to drink milk a whole 20+ year later,  but I actually like these bars. They are the perfect mix of whole grain granola and milk. What I like most is the fact that these bars are a great healthy snack which is hard to find these days! I give one to my son before we head to daycare and I take one before I head to my morning workout. I’m all for anything that will make my life easier and these lil babies do just the trick!

MilkBites are located in the refrigerated dairy aisle and come in 5 flavors and retail for $3.49. They make the perfect family snack.

*Thanks to Kraft for sending these over for review, the opinions are my own*

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