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Morning Inspiration: I Let Myself Go

What can I say my 20’s weren’t the best time for me, my life consisted of work, work and more work. While other people my age  was out enjoying their lives I was stuck in my office trying to make it to the top of the corporate ladder! As a child, I decided early on that I wanted to be better than my circumstances, that I would be the first one in my family to get a college degree…

Simply put, I was going to be somebody!

Well, I did just that, I worked my way up to management (matter of fact the only black, young female manager amongst my peers)! But the corporate success I so desperately wanted didn’t come without a price! I gave so much of myself that I didn’t focus on myself and that’s when the weight gain began! You see, I was making great money so I could afford to do and eat what I wanted and that’s just what I did. Looking back on those years, I wish I hadn’t! I was so stressed out I developed high blood pressure at 24 which later caused me to develop heart disease at 28. And on top of all that shit, the very job that I worked so hard to get laid me off due to the recession. That was the wake up call I needed to get my life and myself back on track.

You see my friend Shonda and I decided it was time to make a change and that’s just what we did! We look way better in our 30’s than we ever did in our 2o’s!

I know this post is different than my normal posts but I know somebody is going through something whether it’s sickness, heartbreak, or life just has you down, don’t forget about you!

Remember, it’s never too late!

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