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How I Simply My Life….

Lets all face it, life can be hard! While there is no way to get around these things there are certain things we can do to simplify our lives…

1. Make Lists an/or Keep a Journal

I have been keeping lists and journals since I was a little girl, I often get bombarded with e-mails, events and random and often times I find them hard to keep up!

2. Keep a Calendar

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been saved by the bell…literally! I schedule all my appointments/events as soon as they come in. I also set reminders so my phone and e-mail both get alerts hours before the event and 10 minutes before the event. The cool thing about this is my calendar can be set-up to show me a list of each event I have for that day.

3. Relax and Prioritize

We often make our lives more complicated than what they need to be, I’m guilty of this as well! What we all must realize is there are only so many hours in the day, you can’t  be everything to everybody so you must prioritize! Do things that are most important first and let everything else fall in line.

4. Last but not least… Have Fun!

Life is serious enough without you adding to it, make sure to step back take a deep breath and have fun! Rome wasn’t built-in a day so learn to let loose every now and again!

These are the rules I live by! I want to live a long healthy life  and that starts by making the things in my life simpler!

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