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Swa-Rai Man: Fall 2012 Trends in Contemporary Men’s Fashion

Fashion isn’t just for the ladies, when I think of a well dressed man Jerry G always comes to mind. I don’t care where Jerry is, he always looks neat and well put together! Since the men are always complaining I never post anything for them, I enlisted Jerry G to help get you guys right for 2012!
Check out a few pictures of Jerry G below:
See what I mean this dude never gets it wrong!!
Keep reading so you can be just as fly as Jerry G!
  1. The Double-Breasted Suit

– A favorite of Wall Street bankers and rich street hustlers in the 80’s & early 90’, the double breasted jacket with the peaked lapels will be the centerpiece of the well dressed man in Fall 2012.

JERRY G’s MAN-RULE: Never wear it open while standing; Always button it up.

  1. Weekender Bag

-The days of that old hand-me-down suitcase and/or redundant black carry-on roller bag are over.  Men should be traveling on the weekend, (hence the name) and, accordingly, should be packing their stylish clothes in a bag that complements the contents.

JERRY G’s MAN-RULE: Your weekender bag should be leather, or have accents of leather. The durability of leather will serve you well on your travels.

  1. Wing-Tipped Boots

– Construction Timbs and Nike Boots are cool, but when strong, well-dressed men venture outside, they need a pair of versatile boots they can wear with jeans or a suit. Wing-Tipped boots can be polished to wear formally, or can be left unpolished for a stylish, yet rugged look.

JERRY G’s MAN-RULE: You cannot wear wing-tipped boots without having your pants tailored. End of story.

  1. Bright Single Colored Sweaters/Cardigans

– The dullness of the fall season need to be countered with the fearlessness of a confident well dressed man in a bright yellow cardigan or a green shawl-colored sweater.  Browns and Tans of this season will look excellent next to  bright colors.

JERRY G’s MAN-RULE: Stay away from pastel colors in the fall, and in general.  The point is to look like a man.

  1. CLASSIC PICK: The Chambray Shirt
– Every man should have a chambray shirt in their wardrobe. Why? It is the most versatile shirt on the face of the earth. You can dress it up with a bow tie.  You can dress it down and roll up the sleeves. You can prep it out with a skinny tie. Get one NOW.

JERRY G’s MAN-RULE: Make sure it is your size. Well dressed men don’t wear clothes that are too big or too small.

So there you have it, I look forward to having a lot more of Jerry G on!!

Fellas, you need style help?  E-mail us, Jerry G will answer your questions….

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