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Review: Intimina Laselle Kegel Exercisers x Giveaway

Alright ladies, I’ve always been a fan of doing kegel exercises. For those of you not familiar, kegel exercises are exercises you do to strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor,  they are often called the “love muscles”. These exercise help you to build your muscles down there, giving you better control during sex, childbirth, etc.

I’ve been doing them for a long time now and I always wondered if I was doing them right or not! So when Intimina sent over there Laselle Kegel Exercisers, I couldn’t wait to give them a try.

You can buy these balls in 3 different weights 1 oz, 1/3 oz. and 1.7 oz, they can be used together or separately.  You apply some of the Intimina Feminine Moisturizer put the balls inside of your vagina and you go about your daily routine. The balls will gently vibrate forcing your pelvic muscles to flex around the balls, effectively strengthening your muscles. What I like most about the exerciser is they ensure you are doing your kegel excercises right. After you get used to it and strengthen your pelvic muscles you will see a major difference during sex and childbirth activities. Doing these exercises can also help women dealing with incontinence and menopause.

I definitely recommend you check these out whether it’s for sex, childbirth or dealing with continence problems. These balls can be purchased at CVS.

And I’m giving away a set to my loyal readers…

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