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Hair Chronicles: The Trayce Madre Experience

What can I say, I’ve become addicted to my extensions!! I mean it’s not that I don’t have hair, it’s just much easier for me to wear extensions with the type of life I live. Before Christmas the infamous “Celebrity Extension Guru” Trayce Madre reached out to me regarding the Level 4 Matrix she created. I had heard of Trayce but I had never seen her work up close and personal. We talked more over the phone and she explained to me more about her techniques. She told  with the Level 4 Matrix you couldn’t see any tracks and the braids were flat. This is super important to me because I take a lot of pictures and you never want that forbidden track showing in the days of Facebook, Twitter, etc.  We had a consultation where we discussed what would work best for me, what look I wanted and what look Trayce envisioned for me. We schedule my appointment, and I patiently waited for the day to arrive! Ya’ll know I couldn’t wait to see what this Level 4 Matrix  and the “Trayce Madre Experience” was all about!

So Trayce scheduled my appointment at the Glam Luxe location, after waiting less than 5 minutes it was time for action!

Sorry for the cloudiness a lot of dryers were

Trayce started by doing a customized assessment of my scalp, hair and facial structure (everyone is different thus the braids need to be different). I know some stylists use the same pattern on all their clients but everyone is made different thus you need a braid pattern that’s fit for your face.

Trayce started by giving me a touch-up, I absolutely hate unkept edges (see my how to tame your edges post here).  My hair hadn’t had a full perm in over a year because it’s been in a sew-in, but I had to get those edges together! I Refuse!

Blow dry time…

See, I told you guys I have hair…lmao!

I’m a sexy beast…Ok, not so much so(at that point)!

After getting my hair braided it was time for Ms. Madre to work her magic! Sorry no pictures of that part…. You guys not slick!

I gave Trayce free rein to do whatever she wanted to do! She decided she wanted to give me a mixture of 18 & 20 inches, the longest I had ever gone! I must admit, I was a bit afraid at first but I knew Trayce was a master at what she does so I just sat back, relaxed and let her do her thing!

For this install, Trayce used hair from her own Luxury by Trayce Madre hair line it can be purchased here or at Glam Luxe. I love this hair for so many reasons, I have had it for a month now and it hardly tangles and it doesn’t shed! But we will talk about that later!

My hair before Trayce cut it and put the finishing touches on it…

See how well it blends with my own hair (I have hair left out in the top).

Since I’ve never had my hair this long before Trayce showed me a few ways I could style my new hair!

Let the curling begin…

Notice you don’t see any braids or parts when Trayce parted my hair? That’s the Level 4 Matrix baby!

I know you see me…

Someone is starting to feel themselves…smh!

Almost done!

All done!

Check me out from all angles…

Can you say all smiles?

Me and the fabulous Trayce Madre!

The day after…  And still feeling myself…smh!

Overall, I absolutely adore my extensions that I got from Trayce. I’ve worn my install for almost a month now and I’m in love. I can’t tell you how many people come up to me wanting to touch my hair or go through it to see if they can find tracks. They are amazed by her work! Not only is her technique great but I now see how the quality of hair can affect your sew-in. When people touch my Luxury by Trayce Madre hair the first thing they say it what kind of hair is this. Believe me  you will notice the difference the minute you touch it! Trayce is truly passionate about hair and what she does, I think every woman should have their hair done by Trayce at least once!

To learn more about Trayce Madre and her techniques go here, to purchase her hair Luxury by Trayce Madre go here (I will be doing a full review on the hair separately).

For more pictures from my Trayce Madre Experience check out our Facebook page here.

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  • I worked with Trayce way back when she only had a vision of what she wanted to do and who she wanted to become. I watched her build and grow her business. Not only does she have awesome skills in hair but she knows how to market herself which is very important! She knows what it takes to get the things she wants and she’s not afraid to go for it. Trayce you are a great motivator, I’m so happy for your success, I wish you many more blessing, and i want to be like you when I grow up, lol!!!!!

  • Thank you so much to everyone who has made a kind comment. I truly appreciate you taking the time out of our day to respond. I try my hardest to keep the professionalism and high quality of service and knowledge to what I do. My services range from 200-600 without hair included. I decided to go with a Level 4 which is the ultimate detail due to Raijeans face shape, body and lifestyle. I wanted her to have the ultimate versatility and have a great hairstyle that she could maintain at home. The ultimate goal in anyone making a purchase on extensions is making a smart investment. You should never get your hair done and have to keep going back unless its by choice. Thank you for allowing me to give you the Trayce Madre Experience Raijean!! You look fab!

  • Uh yea, checked out her website. I’m gonna have to put her on my Xmas list. Consultation fee, hair fee & the services. Too rich for my blood right now.

  • Yea that’s a problem I have with sew-ins, my natural hair is super curly. No creamy crack this way. I’m gonna check out her site. I usually do my own which come out awesome but I like the idea of the no show track system

  • I love the day after photo because the front looks more natural. I have been to Glam Lux and they have a GREAT assortment of hair. It is very classy and the staff is friendly. I would love to do this but I have a hard time finding hair to match my natural hair texture since I no longer interested in processing my hair. I will reach out and set up another tour. Thanks for this blog. The pics and your writing style are GREAT! You look HAWT SugaMama!

    • Thanks love bug! Yeah, I was actually more in love the day after and from now on! I know Trayce does have natural hair clients so talk to her to see if this is something that will work for you! Thanks for reading!

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