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The Zipcar Experience… Is It Worth It?

I’m all about making life easier, if there is a shortcut I will take it.  A while ago, I decided to see what all the buzz surrounding Zipcar was all about. Essentially Zipcar is a car sharing program that offers more flexibility. Whether you need a car for a few hours or a few days Zipcar gives you the option. Unlike with car rental companies where you pay for the entire day you can get your own Zipcar for as little as a few hours.

Check me out in my Mazda 3 Hatch….

The process was fairly simple you sign-up for your account at and once you are approved they will mail your keycard to you. Once you receive your keycard you can then go online to make your reservation. The system will tell you what cars are available in your area and it will give you the hourly/daily rate. The day of your reservation you pick up your car from the designated area by using your keycard.

The keycard will give you access to your car. Once inside there will be a gas card in the visor, yes gas is included in the rental fee… easy right??

Then you are off to start your day or night…

Once your reservation is coming to an end you will return the car to its designated spot and that’s it. The day I rented my Zipcar, I used it to run a ton of errands. I have a car but it’s a truck and it only takes premium gas so it felt refreshing to drive a car that I didn’t have to pay for gas in addition to the rental fee.

Pros: Fairly inexpensive, great for short-term rentals, gas included in the cost.

Cons: none

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  • I love Zipcar. I use it often in my practice. Quick and easy to use. The only downside I’ve found is the lack of cars on the southside. The farthest South is Hyde Park in Chicago but other than that, it’s been great for my business.

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