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Open Letter: Ben Breedlove, Can You Be My Angel??

When I heard the story of Ben Breedlove, I immediately became scared for my own life! Ben passed away from a fatal heart attack on Christmas Day at the age of 18.

Before Ben died he recorded a series of Youtube Videos telling people his story…

In his videos Ben talked about these white rooms he saw when he was near death and it scared the shit out of me… You see when I had my son, I had some issues (my heart condition had yet to be diagnosed) and I saw the same white room. In the white room were both my parents (both of who are deceased).  I remember it was so bright but I saw neon orange and green shapes… it was so weird!  When I came to I told the doctors and nurses and they laughed at me. That experience still haunts me to this day.  I was out for so long that my family began to worry about me, I thought I had died!  A month or so later I was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy and six months after the Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). Six months after that I had to have surgery to implant an ICD and so far, I’m still here.

Ben’s videos got me to thinking…

You see Ben has Cardiomyopathy, just like me…

He has a defibrillator/pacemaker,  just like me…

The only thing is Ben is no longer here!!

Check out his videos below:

To Ben, I promise as long as I’m here I will tell the world about Heart Disease.  Thank you for sharing your story, I don’t think many people understand how real it is!

You are finally at peace, no more hospitals no more doctors…

While you’re resting all I ask is that you be my angel…

Help me spread the word about heart disease and hopefully save a few lives.

You are my hero!

To My Friends and Family, I often laugh and joke about my condition…. I do that so you guys won’t worry about me but the truth of the matter is I live in fear. I have a fear that I’m going to die young,  I have a fear that my son will have to grow up without his mother…

Sometimes I don’t think you guys realize how seriously this weighs on me because I often keep it to myself.  I was raised to be strong but I just want you guys to know this is real!

Keep me in your prayers!!

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  • Raijean,
    This was a very good article and so heartfelt! The true beauty of friendship is being able to confess our hurts, our fears, our joys, our successes, and our failures. There is nothing to be ashamed of being fearful! We all are fearful of something. Many of us would not be knowledgeable about this if it had not been for you. So its extremely important for you to disclose how you really feel so your prayer warriors can intercede. Just know that there is a God who sits high but looks low and knows the desires of your heart. So continue to cultivate your relationship with Him first and foremost and He’ll continue to use you as a LIVING testimony of His greatness. Love you!!

  • Rai this story was heartfelt and truly eye opening for me. I wonder about you a lot, but your laughter does deter me from thinking about the seriousnessof your illness. I know you are a strong woman with a joyous spirit for life, but please continue to share you fears as well as your joys with us(your friends) regularly. I LOVE YOU Diva and am praying for you, Kehinde and your families strength and lifelong happiness!


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