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My Newest Venture….

Well guys, most of you may not know it but I’m a mom!  Yup, it’s true, I feel sorry for my boychild! Anyway, I wanted to share with you guys my adventures of being a mommy while  still trying to be fabulous but I didn’t  feel like Swa-Rai was the place . So I started  SwaRaiMommy.com.

This will be the place where I will post everything relating to family and kids while trying not to choke my own boychild (ok that was a joke, don’t call the people on me, I will never harm a child..lol)

I hope you will join me!

To get to the site simply click on the banner to the right!

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Raijean Stroud

Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger based in Chicago and founder of Swa-Rai.com, Swa-Rai Media Group and Bleeding Heart Project. Launched in 2010, Swa-Rai discusses a range of topics including: fashion, beauty and lifestyle experiences which includes travel, tech, family, dining and so much more! When not in Chicago, Raijean can be found traveling around the country covering some of the hottest events! She can be spotted in places such as New York for covering events such as Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show), LA for Lucky FABB and more! When she's not traveling she's in Chicago, interviewing celebrities and covering exclusive events.

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