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Mommy Chronicles: Brookfield Zoo Holiday Magic Festival

As a first-time single parent, I make it a priority spend family time with my boychild! Growing up, I didn’t get to have those precious moments with my parents, so I make it my business to make sure we get out and do fun things..

This week I took the Boychild to Brookfield Zoo to see the Holiday Magic Light Festival…

Somehow my boychild was able to make it out alive, as his behavior was not the best!

Check out a few pictures from our excursion:

My lil sis, the boychild and me...

Here never listens...geez

If you think he's cute, he is for sale!

Can't leave without some type of light toy!

The carousel with his TT

Aj came along for the fun.

TT not

My boy loves penguins!

Him and his great grandmother, she loves him more than me!

So, I know what you are saying where are all the pictures of the lights…

Well between a 3 year old who won’t sit still and the cold weather this is all I can do for you!

All in all we have a great time, definitely great family fun!

Special thanks to Sister Save A Lot for the tickets!

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