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Guest Post: How To Select The Right Foundation

Recently I was browsing through pictures of my Facebook friends and I noticed a beautiful face with the wrong color foundation.  A gorgeous smile with an ashy gray mask of makeup and a bold line of demarcation.  I wanted to scream WHY!!!!! I thought to myself, choosing the right shade can be a little tricky. Never to fear I am here to help.For starters make sure you have selected the right formula for your skin type. You can purchase foundation in creams, powders and liquids.

If you have the clear skin with minimal blemishes, you can wear a liquid. If you have skin that requires more of a cover up, you should select a cream, just be careful of oil content. Powder foundations can be worn for most skin types. Even with powder you still need to be mindful of coverage, is sheer or full coverage best for you?

When I worked for MAC Cosmetics many people loved the Studio Fix powder foundation because it is easy to use and provides great coverage. Most did not know that although it is a great product it sometimes makes your skin appear different in photographs, especially if you apply it with a sponge. I recommend applying it with a powder brush. Don’t forget to always prepare skin for makeup by applying a moisturizer; if you skip this step makeup will not look its best!


Remember the following tips to help you select the right foundation shade…
I like purchasing foundations at a department store because you get to try the color on before your purchase.

Once you have selected at least 2-3 shades, take a mirror and go outside to see the shade in natural light.

Read ingredients, you don’t want to put anything on your skin that may cause it to produce more oil.

If you decide to shop at a drug store purchase 2-3 shades, you can try them all and simply return the ones that don’t work for you. (check your drug store’s return policy).

Change your foundation seasonally, you may need a darker shade in the summer when skin gets tan. You may need a creamier foundation in the winter when skin gets dryer.

This is the one product you should splurge on, if you find a great color and coverage treat yourself and don’t be afraid to pay a higher price.

  • For women of color these are some of my favorite brands: Bobbi Brown, Black Opal, Cover  Girl Queen Collection.
Rachel Odem also known as The Natural Beauty Expert is a Makeup Artist whose career spans over 10 years. She has experience in all facets of the beauty industry including TV, retail, photography, and modeling. Rachel has appeared in many major print ads such as AT&T, Curves and most recently as the face of Avlon Keracare Natural Textures. As a Makeup Artist she has worked with numerous talent agencies including FORD, Elite Models and Fashion Fair Cosmetics 2011 Ad Campaign. She is a proud member of Ebony Magazine Beauty Blog Awards Panel and is a natural hair advocate featured in Chicago Magazine September 2011. Rachel currently works as a licensed Skin Therapist and Makeup Artist. Blogging is a passion and creative outlet for this wife and mother of three.

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  • I’m really glad this was posted! I know there has been a time or two when I wore the wrong shade of foundation and now I know where to start looking for the right shade!

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