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Gift of the day: Scents by Scentsy

I’m addicted to anything that smells good so when my Scentsy Consultant Maryland Holly sent over some some products, I was super excited to try Scentsy out.

Maryland sent over a Scentsy Warmer for me to try.  What I like most about these warmers is they use light bulbs instead of wicks which are much safer! These are the perfect alternative.  These warmers come in various shapes and sizes and make the perfect gift for a teacher, co-worker, etc.

What good is the warmer without Scentsy bars?? These scented bars break-apart into sections to be placed in the warmer…  With over 40 different scents you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy.

My favorite scent right now is Clean Breeze!!

My consultant also sent over some Scentsy Circles…

I put one of these in my car and the scent lasted for weeks, it’s not dull like other ones and lasts for a long time. Scentsy is my new favorite place for all things that smell good, in addition to the items I told you about they also carry plug-ins, solid perfumes and more. With reasonable prices and a huge variety you can get the bulk of your shopping done with them.

For more information on Scentsy contact my consultant Maryland Holly or call her at 630-615-1761

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  • I suggest that EVERYONE purchase Scentsy products ! Their made to smell GREAT and last a very long time. I worked with Maryland Holly and she’s GREAT ! Contact her at 630-615-1761.

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