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Blogger Spotlight: Necole of Interview (Part 2)

Last week, I told you guys I attended a party hosted by Necole of for X Rated Fusion Liqueur.

After the party, I got a few moments to chat with one of my favorite bloggers.

Since this is a fashion & lifestyle blog, you know I had to find out what she was wearing….

Dress by Herve Leger, Marc Jacobs Stole and YSL Pumps…


Many people would be surprised to know that Necole is not that in to fashion, while she loves fashion she’s not a “fashion girl”.  Her favorite clothing designer is Naven and Brian Lichtenberg and she loves YSL pumps. I was also surprised to find out that Necole loves an a-line silhouette even though she is a tiny girl, I would’ve assumed fitted was more of her style since she can practically wear anything.

Since Necole’s blog is huge, I also wanted to know what she likes to do in her down time…

Necole told me she loves to read and travel. Her dreams included taking a 6 month hiatus to travel the world, kind of like the move Eat, Pray, Love

Perhaps the best thing about Necole is how her blog came to be. After having a ton of doors closed in her face while living in New York, Necole moved back to a small town in Maryland. She always had a passion for the entertainment industry but knew she wouldn’t find any entertainment jobs in her small town so she started blogging to pass the time. After tons of research she started, one of the biggest entertainment blogs out right now. Necole is proof that just because a door slams in your face doesn’t mean you give up your dream, all it takes is hard work, drive, determination and dedication(the story of my life as well).

I got a chance to wear my jacket from Deliciously Vintage again, ya’ll know this jacket makes me happy…lol

Shoes c/o ShoeDazzle (Lourdes)

Special shoutout to Chyna Doll Collection, they sent me over several pieces of jewelry to wear and I love each piece, make sure you go check her out ASAP!

Earrings c/o Chyna Doll Collection, Purse: Aldo, Pants & Shirt: H & M

To see more pictures from this event check out our Facebook page here.

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