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Cocktailin: Make great drinks with Torani Flavored Syrups

While I’m not a coffee drinker, that doesn’t mean I don’t like something hot to drink during the cold fall months. I love hot chocolate, tea, and apple cider but sometimes I find myself wanting to mix it up!  When Torani sent over their syrups for me to try I was stoked! I mean I’ve seen them before but I never knew you could purchase them for home use, I assumed they were in restaurants only.

Torani SyrupI haven’t had a chance to make any fancy drinks yet, but as soon as I get a moment, let the experimenting begin! I did get a chance to try the salted caramel and gingerbread syrup in my hot chocolate and oh my goodness, they were goooood! It was like a party in my mouth. My hot chocolate tasted so good I wanted to rush out and get every flavor of syrup. These syrups can be used to make cocktails, flavored lemonades, Italian sodas, coffee drinks and more. I definitely recommend you add Torani flavored syrups to your home bar asap, I promise you don’t know what your a missing!

Over the holiday season I can’t wait to bring you all the specialty cocktails I whip up with my Torani Syrups… this should be fun!

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