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I am not my pills….

Ok, maybe I am….

You see, I’ve never been good at taking medication! When I was 24, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and told I would probably be on meds for the rest of my life! I remember saying, no I won’t… I’ll be damn if have to take pills everyday of my life!  So, I stopped taking them, I didn’t tell my Dr. or my friends, I just stopped because I got tired of popping pills! I guess I assumed youth would take it all away, that maybe I would wake up and it would be gone. You see 4 years and 2 heart surgeries later, I probably could’ve prevented this from happening if not permanently at least delaying it to later on in my life(heart disease runs in my family)! There’s no other way to explain it other than I was being stupid and my ignorance is part of the reason, I AM MY PILLS today!

Sometimes, I struggle with the “What ifs”, what if I had did this or what if I had done that.  Sometimes I argue with myself,  I tell myself, you wouldn’t have gotten congestive heart failure or cardiomyopathy had you taken your pills…  All of which is a mute point now because I still have heart disease and I can’t go back in time,  all I can do is look to the future and tell you guys to take your medicine. I take my pills on a regular basis, now I won’t lie to you and say I take them EVERYDAY (my friends are going to fuss at me) but I’m am 90% better than I was before.  If you are someone who has been diagnosed with heart disease or something else, please, please, please understand the importance of taking your medicines, AS PRESCRIBED!!  I don’t want you to deal with the case of the “What ifs” or worse die because you were being stupid like me…

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