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Get Sexy & Stubble Free with Schick Quattro and Pure Silk

I must admit, I HATE shaving, yeah you heard me HATE IT! I remembering trying it when I was a teenager and how horrible the experience was. I made a vow that I wouldn’t shave ever again! That’s until I discovered 2 products that completely changed the shaving game for me!

 I discovered Schick Quattro Trim Style for Women and Pure Silk Moisturizing Shaving Cream… I swear these 2 products together are powerful!

My new dream team!!

Let me first tell you about the Schick Quattro for Women ‘Trim Style’…

She just makes life better! This battery operated razor and bikini trimmer is all you need to take care of that stuble (up there or down there…hahahaha) Seriously, how easy is that, no more dealing with 2 individual razors! And if that isn’t enough for you it also includes an aloe & duo-vitamin moisturizing strip to keep your skin smoother longer!

When you add Pure Silk Shave Cream that’s when the magic begins! This shaving cream comes in different scents as well as dry and sensitive skin formulas.   No matter why type of skin you have you can find one that’s right for you! These babies retail for $1.99, the perfect price!

While waxing will always be my preferred method, there are just times when you can’t make it to the spa or when you need a quick touch up and that’s when I will pull out these trusty products! You can find them at your local drugstores, both products will run you less than 15 bucks!!

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  • I actually bought one of those Trim Style razors while I was away at school & I loved it. I like the fact that the electronic razor is adjustable so you can get as close (or not so close) as you would like.

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