It’s my Birthday and I’m giving away a pair of free shoes!

So Sunday is my birthday and to celebrate I’m giving away a gift from ShoeDazzle to you…

I’m giving away one gift card which can be used to purchase a pair of shoes (boots, pumps, flats, etc), a handbag or jewelry!!!

I’m not sure how that works since you guys should be giving me gifts…hahaha!

For those of you who are unaware ShoeDazzle is a styling service, founded by Kim Kardashian. When you sign up for ShoeDazzle you will take a personality quiz and each month for $39.95 a stylist will e-mail you choices based on your quiz selections! The great part about ShoeDazzle service is that you are not obligated to buy anything every month as you can skip months or request alternate shoes if your stylist doesn’t provide you with anything to your liking.

Fall is fast approaching so now is a good time to stock up on your fall boots! ShoeDazzle has so many to choose from starting today September 1…

And guess what?? I’m giving away a free ShoeDazzle giftcard so why not start stocking up now!

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24 Responses to It’s my Birthday and I’m giving away a pair of free shoes!

  1. S. Stroud says:

    Im not really sure how many pairs of boots but hopefully I can find at least 2 really nice pair

  2. malkatz says:

    At least one pair- have some boots on my way right now!

  3. I have already ordered my fall boots :) They have not arrived yet so im getting a little worried :( i think i will only be buying that one pair, unless i win the lottery of course :) hehe! Thank you for this fantastic give-away and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! xox
    danielle terry´s last blog post ..Its Our 5 Year Anniversary :)

  4. Liisa LaDue says:

    So far I have purched one pair of boots for fall. I need and have one other pair from a few years back. I am hoping to purchase at least two more pair this fall, as long as I can wear them in 3″ of ice and many inches of snow. Sky high isn’t functional here. However, ya never know~I may be adventurous.

  5. Kimberly B. says:

    I will purchase either 2 0r 3 pairs of boots.

  6. Tatjana says:

    I plan on getting about 3, but two for sure

  7. Christine Ling says:

    i will most likey purchase (2), 1 for me & 1 for my daughter:)

  8. I will purchase two pair a dressy going out pair and a everyday/snow pair! :-)

  9. Lisa Dion says:

    I’ll probably purchase 2 pairs of boots this fall

  10. Kimberly B. says:

    Probably 2 pairs of boots.

  11. Dakia says:

    I’m not sure how many pairs I will buy. I simply love boots and wish boot season could be all year long. But I will probably buy myself two/three new pairs this boot season.

  12. vonnie says:

    two pairs, probably :)
    vonnie´s last blog post ..Back to School Cuteness for Little Girls

  13. Nicole O. says:

    Ooo, a fellow Virgo! My bday’s on the 21st! 😉

    I’m thinking about purchasing at least 2 pairs. I’m dying to buy new shoes for Fall, but it’s too hot to be wearing any of them. I have to wait for it to cool down. :(

  14. Mama Violet says:

    Probably just 1 pair. I want a nice flat leather boot for when I’m walking with my baby.
    Mama Violet´s last blog post ..Thrifting Thursday: DIY Leopard Loafers

  15. colleen b says:

    probably at least two pairs.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  16. Kia says:

    I’ll be purchasing at least 2 pairs this fall. **

  17. Caitlin says:

    I will probably at least buy 2 more pairs of boots in colors I don’t have. I love the lace-up trend because you can make the boots custom fit your calves, plus it adds funkiness and edge!

  18. Its all about the shoes!

  19. Of course it’s all about the shoes and it is fall

  20. I love purses and jewelry!

  21. Michelle G says:

    I will purchase at least two pairs of boots this fall as it is still warm here.

  22. So far, I have bought only one pair of boots for myself. One for my mom :) I have my eye on SO many more! And my birthday is soon, so MAYBE just MAYBE I can get a couple more.

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