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How Carson Kressley, Robert Verdi & Brad Goreski made my life…

You know when I started this blog I must admit I wasn’t sure if it would go very far…

To my surprise Swa-Rai has grown in leaps and bounds and I have my readers to thank for the support!  Because of Swa-Rai, I have been afforded so many opportunities that even I didn’t know was possible. This past month has been like a dream from attending New York Fashion Week to meeting some of my favorite people in the style industry. When I tell you that I feel extremely blessed to finally do the things I love, please believe me! I once was chained to my office letting my life pass me by, its weird how being laid off went from being a nightmare to probably the best thing that has ever happened to me…

Ok, enough preaching… Now let me tell you have Carson, Robert and Brad made my life!

Carson Kressley from the TV shows Queer Eye, Dancing With the Stars, is also a celebrity stylist, author and more recently stopped in to kick off the nations first ever Shopping Festival. I got a chance to attend an up close and personal breakfast to learn more about Carson and to find out about what he was working on. He gave attendees tips for fall fashion while dishing out about his upcoming clothing line. Carson is just as funny in person as he is on TV.  Once breakfast was over Carson had to rush out to do a TV interview when I stopped him for a quick pic. The first thing Carson said when he saw me was “You are gorgeous and your skin is gorgeous“…

I was so surprised, yet so giddy that Carson gave me this compliment…If Carson says it, it must be true hahaha!

Carson Kressley and Raijean Stroud

Sorry for the blurry pic, he was on his way out.

After that I got a chance to meet Robert Verdi. If you are unfamiliar with him Robert he is a style expert and tv personality who can often be seen on all the  top style tv shows. When I met Robert the first thing he said to me was “you have gorgeous skin”. I told him how weird Carson Kressley just told me the same thing a few days before. I then went on to interview him and before we could even get to the interview Robert started inquiring about my blog. I was amazed at how he wanted to know more about me and how Swa-Rai got started, I sat and talked to Robert like we were old friends, he too was such a joy to talk to.

If that wasn’t enough a week after that I met Brad Goreski, celebrity stylist who also appeared on The Rachel Zoe Project. I got a chance to meet Brad at Saks Fifth Ave in New York. We talked briefly and I asked him what his favorite fall trends were.

Brad responded  “color… and you (me) my dear are wearing it!” I blushed!! Brad was very fun and animated just like he was on tv.

Brad Goreski and Raijean Stroud

Here’s a full length picture of what I was wearing…

Raijean Stroud

Dang my leopard shoes got cut off!

So you see meeting Carson, Robert or Brad was never even feasible to me but to not only meet them but receive compliments from all 3 of them made my life!

It may seem like nothing to you but to a girl who never thought any of this was possible my dreams are truly coming true right in front of my eyes!

No matter what your dreams are chase them…

They just may come true!

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Raijean Stroud

Fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger based in Chicago and founder of, Swa-Rai Media Group and Bleeding Heart Project. Launched in 2010, Swa-Rai discusses a range of topics including: fashion, beauty and lifestyle experiences which includes travel, tech, family, dining and so much more! When not in Chicago, Raijean can be found traveling around the country covering some of the hottest events! She can be spotted in places such as New York for covering events such as Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show), LA for Lucky FABB and more! When she's not traveling she's in Chicago, interviewing celebrities and covering exclusive events.

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  • Ok Raijean, I am officially jealous! That is so fabulous that you got to meet those three amazing men in the fashion industry; they are three of my favorites! I remember the days of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and it was awesome and Carson was the “light” of the show! I love Robert Verdi and his fun and quirky personality and I will always love Brad Goreski!

    You are truly blessed and I am so glad you got to experience something like that! You are a true inspiration to me and I hope that myself and my blog will be able to aspire to something as great as what you have created!

    I know this is a LONG comment and I’ve gotten a little deep here, but I just had to say what I was feeling. 😉 Keep up the great working and being who you are! 🙂
    Stephanie´s last blog post ..Beauty Trend Alert: “Mirrored” Nails

  • Man, this is sooooooooo AWESOME!!! First of all, you are truly BLESSED to be LIVING what you LOVE! Many people want to do that, but they’re just too scared. Thank you for being a shining example that, if we really want, we can MAKE IT HAPPEN and live what we love! Secondly, how cool is it to meet such great men in the field of fashion!?! Lucky you!!! 🙂 Isn’t it so cool that celebrities are just REAL PEOPLE!?! 🙂 PS I agree, you have fabulous skin! 🙂

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