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Malibu’s Radio Maliboom Boom’s Station Invasion Tour with Ciara & DJ Skribble

Last night I was invited to attend Malibu’s exclusive Radio MaliBoom Boom’s Station Invasion Tour with Grammy Award Winning artist, Ciara, and DJ Skribble.

Last night I was invited to attend Malibu’s exclusive Radio MaliBoom Boom’s Station Invasion Tour with Grammy Award Winning artist, Ciara, and DJ Skribble. The concert was hosted at The Lodge at Four Lakes in Lisle, IL., which was a super fun resort complete with sand and volleyball….

The invite said to wear your beach attire so I threw on a sundress and some sandals and headed to the party!

I was running late and on my way in I  ran right into Ciara getting out of her trailer (she’s so tiny in person)!

Invited guests got to sip on Malibu cocktails while listening to DJ Skribble on the 1’s and 2’s…

Of course you know there was plenty of Malibu in the house and I got a chance to sample the new Malibu Black … I like it!!

I hadn’t heard about Malibu Black until last night, essentially it’s Malibu Rum but amped up! The new black version is darker, has a hint of cocunut and 70 proof!

I’ll be adding this to my collection ASAP!

When Ciara took the stage all hell let loose and she got down!!

I’ve never seen Ciara in concert but I must say she is a true performer!!

 I wish she would teach me how to do those damn moves…

Malibu Invasion Tour with Ciara (5) Malibu Invasion Tour with Ciara (6) Malibu Invasion Tour with Ciara (8) Malibu Invasion Tour with Ciara (9)My girls and I had a great time….

Now, I must get off the computer so I can go and get me some of that Malibu Black…

I also never heard of the Lodge at Four Lakes Resort until I attended the event last night, it’s very nice lowkey spot…

I must visit again soon…. Looks like a ton of fun!

To see all the pictures from the event check out our Facebook fan page here!!

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