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Hair Makeover: L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Haircolor Review

Not long ago Vogue Magazine gave me the opportunity to have my hair professionally colored for the first time.

Not long ago Vogue Magazine gave me the opportunity to have my hair professionally colored for the first time.  For those of you who know me, know that I’ve been terrified to get my hair colored for fear it would fall out. I have relaxed hair and I have heard all the horror stories of people whose hair was damaged as a result of coloring their hair and I didn’t want to be the next victim. As you can imagine I was leary but after hearing that L’Oreal Professionnel INOA Hair Color was odor and ammonia free (the chemical that  that damages your hair), I decided to give it a try.

For my makeover Vogue sent me to Maxine Salon in Chicago’s Gold Coast…

I arrived for my appointment bright and early (secretly, I was terrified)!

After getting all checked-in it was time to see Jasen (my INOA hair color specialist), I immediately loved Jasen!  After our first consultation I realized Jasen knew what he was talking about and he understood the look I was trying to achieve.

I told Jasen that I had just permed my edges a week before and I wanted to know if that would be a problem. Jasen told me not to worry and went on to explain to me how INOA was an ammonia free permanent professional haircolor, that wouldn’t burn.  So, I simply told him to carry-on!

Here’s Jasen in the lab making the magic happen (ok, it’s not really a lab but you follow me!)

Since I’m a hair color virgin Jasen decided to take it easy on me and we settled for an ombre type hair color(not completely but you get the point). If you are unfamiliar with the term it’s where the color goes on darker at the root then it gets lighter and brighter highlights fron the mid-shaft to the ends.

I’m thinking to myself, Lord please don’t let my hair fall out…

I promise I will be a better person…lol

I’m just joking, I actually trusted Jasen he’s been coloring hair for years and I could tell that for him hair color was an art form! So I relaxed and let Jasen work his magic!!

Let me talk about Maxine’s Salon for a moment, this salon is the epitome of what a professional salon should look and be like! Not only did I receive excellent customer service but they were very efficient, you could tell each employee took their specific craft seriously!!

Oh and the Moet was a classy touch!

Once the color was done it was time to have my hair styled by Michelle! By this time I still hadn’t seen my hair and I was dying from excitement!!

 I was already getting compliments before Michelle even styled my hair!

I love how the INOA color made my hair soft and gave it an incredible sheen!

Look at those bursts of color… Simply put, I loved my hair makeover!

Check out my hair before and after…

Major difference in the color and texture!

It’s been a few weeks since my color and I must say I’m very happy with the results and all the compliments I’ve received. And in case you are wondering, no my hair didn’t fall out…hahaha! What I love most about INOA is that it’s perfect for all hair types and you can go as funky with the colors as you like! If you live in the Chicagoland area I definitely recommend you get your hair done my Jasen at Maxine’s salon, the customer service was next to none! If you don’t live in the Chicagoland area than go here to find the salon nearest you!

Here I am with Jasen (colorist) & Michelle (stylist) and the owner Maxine!

To see more pictures from my experience at Maxine’s go to our fan page here!!

Special thanks to Vogue Magazine, L’Oreal and Maxine Salon for making this happen and to Grey Matter Photography for capturing the event!!

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