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Eyebrow Master Anne from Sine Qua Non Salon

What can I say, I’ve never paid much attention to my eyebrows before because I hardly have any!

What can I say, I’ve never paid much attention to my eyebrows before because I hardly have any! I mean I was blessed with a lot of things but eyebrows was not one of them.  So you could understand why I hardly did anything to them, right??  Well all that changed when I met Anne at the Sassy City Chicks event not too long ago. I let Anne do my brows and for the first time ever I had an arch!  Recently, Anne invited me to Sine Qua Non Salon to get my eyebrows waxed and tinted as well as my lashes tinted, ya’ll know I had to accept!!

As soon as I arrived Anne was ready to get to work…

I decided to get a before shot so you could see the difference.

See, I told you, NO eyebrows ;(

She started off by tinting my eyebrows to give them some definition....

Then it was time for the fun to begin.

This is me with the tint on, yeah I know I look ridiculous!!

Clean up time...

I swear Anne is an eyebrow guru, I’m used to laying down when I get my brows arched but Anne prefers you to sit up so she can see how your brows will shape your face…

Getting my brows shaped!

Notice how the tint made my eyebrows and lashes more visible but not overly done (I hate that)

Anne and I (you can see the difference in my brows even more in this pic)... Love this lady!

Look at how reasonable the rates are!!

Anne works at all 4 Sine Qua Non Salon locations, so schedule an appointment at the location nearest to you.

Lincoln Park
2766 N Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60614
3417 N Lincoln
Chicago, IL 60657
5057 N Clark
Chicago, IL 60640
West Town
2038 W. Chicago
Chicago, IL 60622

Now, that I’ve become addicted to making sure my brows are on point at all times, I use the Benefit Brow Zings kit faithfully!!

Make sure you stop by an see Anne today!!

Thanks Anne, I will be by to see you again soon!

Thanks to Martin Needham for the photographs!!

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