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Fashionista Spotlight: Meet My Hairstylist Krishanna…

A lot of people always ask me who does my hair….

A lot of people always ask me who does my hair….

Well it’s no other than Krishanna the Owner of  Total Image!!

Krishanna Total ImageKrishanna has been doing my hair for years and I absolutely adore her! For one she is very stylish herself so I know she will never steer me wrong.  I trust her opinion as if it was my own!  One thing a lot of people don’t know about her is that she has a huge heart and has looked out for me and others on so many occasions that I don’t even know where to begin!! But aside from all of that Krishanna knows how to style hair the girl is bad and she prides herself on knowing what’s hot and what’s not!!

Krishanna will be styling my hair until I’m 80…lmao

You see she got style right??

So, you know I had to feature her….

You see the Stella McCartney Bag and Sunglasses?

Some of Krishanna’s favorite places to shop are Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Akira and Nordstrom Rack.

Her favorite high-end stores include Barney’s, Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

Krishanna also owns the Foyer Accessory Boutique, where 99% of my jewelry comes from….

So check her out at Total Image Salon 773-626-3744

Do you have style contact me or e-mail your pictures to and you may be the next Fashionista I spotlight!

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  • The truth has been told. Her gifts has made room for her and is bringing her before great people. God has blessed the works of her hand. If God before you can’t a man stand against you because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

  • Kris is also my hair stylist. Rai is so right about her. She has so much style and swag. She can never retire from doing hair because her hands are truly blessed. She has a big heart and wonderful personality. She helped me to develop my style & swag. Love her to pieces! Great story Rai!

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