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Event: The Dyson Technology Experience

So it looks like Chicago finally got the memo about it being summertime huh???

So it looks like Chicago finally got the memo about it being summertime huh???

Anyone who lives in Chicago knows it can go from 40 degrees to 90 degrees in a matter of hours! With the hot temperatures finally rolling in, it’s definitely time to breakout the air conditioners and fans! If there is anything I hate, it’s being too hot!

So when I was invited to come and test out Dyson Technology, I headed down to the Taste of Chicago to see what the Dyson Tour was all about.

The day I went it was extremely hot so you know, I immediately gravitated towards the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan.

It was like a cool breeze on a warm sunny day….haha, you get my point!

What’s so cool about the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan is that it doesn’t have blades but still provides cool air like a fan…

Now don’t get me wrong Dyson has always been ahead of the technology game but this to me was even more fascinating than their vacuum (and I’m pretty impressed with their vacuums)!

I mean the design is just marvelous, you will find yourself sitting there trying to figure out how they invented such a thing..

Another thing that impressed me about the Dyson Air Multiplier™ fan is that it’s perfectly safe for children since it doesn’t have any blades!

See the child playing with the fans....

Since I have a small boy at home that loves to put his hands everywhere they don’t belong, this fan is absolutely perfect! I’m not quite sure how Dyson will continue to out do themselves but their team of engineers always figure it out!

Who knew that you could have a fan thats cool but safe??

If you are in the market for a good fan be sure to stop by your local Sears or you can purchase them at

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