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Book Review: It Girl Rules by Tamika Nurse

Recently, I got a chance to attend the book signing for the book It Girl Rules by Tamika Nurse.

Recently, I got a chance to attend the book signing for the book It Girl Rules by Tamika Nurse.

In the book the It Girl herself Tamika Nurse dished out advice to women who were trying to find their own It Girl

During the event guests got a chance to have their books signed by the author and listened to what inspired her to write It Girl Rules.

It was truly a wonderful event as I got a chance to mingle with some new and old friends…

How fab does Tamika look in her sapphire dress?

During my down time I decided to read It Girl Rules for myself, I’ve been so busy lately that I rarely have time to read like I used so I was happy to be reading again!

What I love about It Girl Rules is that every woman will need help as some point and not one woman will know it all. It Girl Rules is like a refresher course for those of us who may have forgot some things…

Perhaps my favorite part of the book is when Tamika said “The It Girl is self aware, knowing what her strengths and weaknesses are. She recognizes that her road to self-improvement has no true end. Despite lifes ups and downs, her goal is to live a full life and to enjoy every day.” See that Tamika is a woman after my own heart because that is exactly how I feel!

In It Girl Rules, Tamika breaks down every topic from fabric, tailoring to teaching you how to shop and save!

The It Girl Rules book would make a perfect gift for a Fashionista in training or an experienced Diva who is always looking for way to keep her Diva up!! You can purchase It Girl Rules here.

Nikia and Jada were in the house…

Look at Nikia (Chitown Fashionista) and I looking like damn bobsie twins (or however you spell it)!

What the hell happened to my makeup.. #fail

Photography by Errol Dunlap

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