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Sexy Sneaks: Puma Archive Sneakers

Often I’m asked where my love for sneakers comes from??

Often I’m asked where my love for sneakers comes from??  Well, to put it simple I’ve been in love with sneakers since I was 7yrs old.  My mom was a single parent, raising 4 children on government assistance and new sneakers for me only came twice a year.  I remember going to school and seeing the other kids in the Nike’s, Adidas, Reebok’s, Puma’s, Pony’s, and Fila’s.  I would go home and just dream about owning every pair.  I understood that my mom couldn’t afford to buy me sneakers like she wanted, so I vowed when I got older I would quench my thirst for them whenever the spirit hit me….

Well the spirit hit me one night while surfing the Puma website earlier this month.

This month’s pick for Sexy Sneaks are the “Suede Archive Sneakers”.

Puma first released these classics in 1968 (well before I was born). Recently, re-released these sneakers are sure  to make the mouths of every sneaker lover drop!  The archive sneakers are available in multiple color combos (You know I got Blue & Gold), these kicks are guaranteed to make you look fresh and cool.  Go grab these from the Puma website at for the affordable price of $60.00.

You already know these get the Janet stamp of approval and that means NASTY!

Until next time remember to Keep It Sexy from Head to Sneaks!

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  • These shoes are making a comeback! I remember wearing Puma’s just like these back in the day and was dying when I saw my younger sister wearing a pair the other day! I guess they’re classics that are here to stay! 🙂

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