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Dining: Etno Village Grill

So, I’m one of those girls that is willing to try anything once! So when I got the invite to try come and sample from the newly opened Etno Village Grill in Lincoln Park, I was game! Etno’s menu is comprised of  gourmet burgers, chicken, and signature Cevap sandwiches!

For my first visit I ordered The Delphos Cheese Steak Sandwich…

This sandwich was absolutely delicious, the steak was grilled to perfection!

What you may not know about Etno, is all their meats are natural and free from hormones & antibiotics!!

They also serve their sandwhiches on two types of bread:

Hearty Artisian Rolls & Whole Wheat Rolls

Tip: When you order you sandwich don’t forget to try the Etno spreads especially the Feta & Spinach spread!

Then it was time to get to the good stuff! The Cevaps!!

On the left were the Chicken w/ Feta, Spinach & Red Pepper Cevaps and on the right were the Beef & Pork w/ Etno Spices


Here are the Spicy Sesame Cevaps

Now I must admit I didn’t know what a Cevap was but after talking with the owner I learned they were skinless sausages…

Still didn’t sound appealing to me, that was until I tried one!!

I swear this is one of the best dishes I’ve had in a long time!

The cevaps were superb and even better when you try them with the spreads!

I couldn’t leave without trying their fries w/ paremsan & parsley…

When you put 2 of my favorite things together ie. parmesan and fries how can it not be good!

Check out a picture of me and one of the owners Jelena Karatosic as well as the head Chef!

The food at Etno Village Grill was so good that I would actually get on the train and head all the way up North just to get some, but don’t take my word try it for yourself…

Etno Village Grill 2580 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60614 773-698-8069

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