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Beauty Party hosted by Gilt City, HPNOTIQ Harmonie & Benefit

I must admit before last week I never paid much attention to Benefit Cosmetics!

I must admit before last week I never paid much attention to Benefit Cosmetics! ¬†While out making my rounds, I had several encounters with the brand and I’m happy to say I’m Benefit’s newest fan!! Last week Benefit, Gilt City & Hpnotiq Harmonie hosted a beauty party at Benefit’s Armitage location…

I’m glad I got a chance to sneak a few shots before it got SUPER BUSY!

I decided to have my makeup done during the event…

Nina was my makeup artist…

I stressed to her how I hate the idea of looking overtly made up, I told her I like a more natural look and she gave me exactly what I asked for!

See, really natural…just how I like it!! (By the way check out my brows, I’ve never had those before…I’ll tell you more about that later)!!

To achieve this look Nina used the following products

I absolutely adore benetint, porefessional and girl meets pearl!!

So what’s a party with out cocktails, riggghhht?

Hpnotiq’s BFF Harmonie was in the building!!!!

I finally got a chance to try her and she was excellent, you and your friends will have a ball making cocktails with Harmonie!!

I just love the way Hpnotiq presents their products, I swear they make me want to open my purse and buy whatever they are selling! Geez (see another example of Hpnotiq’s great presentation and marketing)! I swear they know how to sell a product!

Gotta have desserts right?

Want to attend great beauty events like this and more, get you exclusive invite here to become a member of Gilt City!

I have so much more to show you from my Benefit experience but I’ll post that later this week!

Check out the fabulous swag bags…

To see all the pictures from the event check out our Facebook Fanpage.

If you haven’t make sure you try the new Hpnotiq Harmonie it’s delicious…

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  • So glad you’re a Benefit’s fan, too. They are one of my faves. Love the packaging & names, but mostly love the actual products. And you picked some of my faves: Benetint, Porefessional, & Girl Meets Pearl. I want to try the new tint in a Peach shade for summer. I will have to call my Benefit’s man David!

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