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This why I’m Saying NO to a NO Chip Manicure!!

While, I must admit the idea of not having to polish my nails for 2-3 weeks excites me… I simply refuse to go get a no chip manicure.

People have been asking me when will I try the no chip manicure, while I must admit the idea of not having to polish my nails for 2-3 weeks excites me… I simply refuse to go get a no chip manicure.  I mean I can see how the convenience of it all has women flocking to try it but I just refuse! One of my issues is I simply can’t commit to the same color for that amount of time, I love the idea of switching up my colors at a moments notice!

My other issue is the lack of color assortment!! But hey, maybe it’s just me!!

But my ultimate reason for not jumping on the no chip bandwagon is this….

The picture above is my friends nails after prolonged use! Her nails are brittle and super sensitive,

Now to be fair, maybe she didn’t follow all of the rules…who knows, but my other friend is experiencing the same issues.

I will stick to my own nails for now!!

Some of the feedback suggest it’s the nail tech or shops fault, tell me what are your thoughts on no chip manicures?

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  • I used to use gelish and shellac religiously. I have never had that product that the neighborhood nail factories boast as no chip, but is more like an overlay. I did notice that my nails were very brittle after extended use. And have since worn it only for special occasions

  • I LOVE it…I am into very healthy nails and was skeptical about the process and after a thousand questions I decided to try it once. This was in January and when it was time for a manicure again, I was more impressed with the removal. I experienced no nail damage but the lack of colors was enough not to get it done that often.

  • I’ve fell into the no chip trap for 3 months straight and I will never do it again! My nails are now weak and break in the oddest places. Never again!

  • As a nail Technician you should be cautious with any new product…for starters…its like wearing to much weave all the time, or getting braids excessively your hair will break and come out. Now not saying that its the case each and every time but that is what normally will happen. Nails are like your hair made from the same protein. Like you need to moisturize your own hair the same must be done for nails. You moisturize with a cuticle oil 3-4 times a day (but since that is unlikely then at night is fine). If you decide to get a no chip …let a professional apply as well as take off the product…never should you pull of your no chip…and it is EXTREMELY imperative to use cuticle oil while you have it on. You are covering your nails for 2 weeks at a time they need to have some moisture added to them.

  • Ouch! You know applying cuticle oil nightly prevents and takes care of the nail bed. Also, removing the polish approapriately really matters.

    I appreciate a good no chip. But then again, I get them for special occassions and for vacations. I use them sparingly and not all the time.

  • I’ve had the same fears. Haven’t tried it. But the brittle sensitive nails issue is why I don’t wear any kind of fake nails.

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