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Product Review: Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing System PRO

I’m really ashamed to say but I really, really, really should have brought this cleansing system a long time ago!

I’m really ashamed to say but I really, really, really should have brought this cleansing system a long time ago!

I’m not going to lie, I can be very lazy at times!

Especially on a night where I’ve been out to the wee hours of the morning, the last thing I want to do is wash my face when I get home. For the most part I’ve been pretty blessed with clear skin but I still know that I should do more when it comes to my skincare routine.  Now I’ve been hearing about Clarisonic Skin Cleansing Systems for a while now so I have no one to be mad at but myself for not jumping on the bandwagon! My Clarisonic Pro kit actually arrived over a month ago and I just started using it see just lazy

I was lucky enough to get the Pro System that is only used and sold by skin care professionals, I’m serious this machine is a one man show! The system retails for $250.00 it includes 2 brushes and 1 body brush, along with 1 oz. trial sizes of Gentle Hydro Cleanser, Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Nourishing Care Cleanser and a 2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish.

Seriously, this machine is the best thing since oxygen, after using my Clarisonic my skin was so clean but I didn’t have to work as hard!!  With 4 speeds (low, normal, high and pro speeds) plus body mode (normal and pulse) this system does all the work for you! I suffer from combination skin especially around my nose and eyebrow area, it does wonders on dry skin! It comes in different settings and will give you a beep at each 30 second mark (depending on what setting you put it on). If you fully charge the battery you should be able to get about 2 weeks out of it before you need to charge again (you don’t want to burn out the battery).

At the end of the day yes the $250 price tag is a bit hefty, however your skin will thank you! If you just can’t see your self shelling out that kind of cash then try the Clarisonic Mia and upgrade from there!

This system gets ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I will update you guys on my skincare routine soon…

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