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Silk® for Milk 10-Day Challenge!

So recently I embarked on the Silk® for Milk 10-Day

So recently I embarked on the Silk® for Milk 10-Day Challenge!

Silk® for Milk 10-Day Challenge!

I must admit I’m not much of milk drinker!  When I was younger, I loved milk couldn’t get enough but when I turned 7 things changed! I’ll never forget that horrible day in 1987, I was in my basement happily enjoying a glass of milk and watching the  movie Poltergeist.  To this day all I remember is the man sitting on the couch drinking (what I now know to be Tequila) when he swallowed the worm! Almost instantaneously something starting growing out of his stomach, it was from that point on I have never been able to drink a glass of milk!

Now, I know what you are thinking I’m grown now, right?  But you know what they say, what you won’t eat/drink as a child you won’t eat/drink as an adult; the same holds true for me as I’m still grossed out at the thought of drinking a glass of milk…

As an adult I realize the benefits of drinking milk but my mind won’t let me get past that day in 1987,  but now I’m ready to try again…

I’m not totally against milk, I use it in my cereal or when I’m cooking but to go in the refrigerator and pour a glass of milk totally grosses me out! So thats why I decided to take the Silk® for Milk 10-Day Challenge to see if I can completely give up milk and go with Silk…

I’ll check in with you guys to let you know how it goes, wish me luck!!

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