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Last year, I was looking for a custom cuff  for my birthday outfit and I stumbled on K~Fleye by Kelley. I told Kelley exactly what I was looking for and she custom made me a piece exactly to my specifications…  I love how Kelley’s jewelry is unique and no other piece is quite the same.  Since I know a lot of my readers are unique as well,  I wanted to share with you K~Fleye by Kelley.  I encourage you to visit her site ASAP! 

For more about K~Fleye  read below what Kelley wants you to know about her company..

Swa-Rai: Type of products your company sales?

At K~Fleye we create one of a kind jewelry and accessories. We create outside of the box.

Swa-Rai: Do you have a website?

Swa-Rai: Tell me more about K~Fleye  and its purpose?

K~Fleye was created out of a need and evolved into a purpose to serve & create. We are big on giving back to the community as well as partnering and collaborating with other artist and companies to make a difference in the world. We strive to think outside of the box and embrace individual talents, knowing your strengths and weaknesses in order to contribute positively to the world… What you do for yourself will die with you but what you do for others will live forever!

Swa-Rai: What is your inspiration when it comes to designing your jewelry line?

Life, people, love, conversations, experiences and observation

Swa-Rai: Why should we buy K~Fleye ?

If you have to ask why K~Fleye then you should not buy it, as a rule of thumb when I work as a stylist with clients, I tell them this all the time: if you don’t love it, you can leave it or if you need convincing then you should leave it. You know you need a “peace” of K~Fleye when you put it on and don’t need a bag nor a receipt. You know you need a “peace” of K~Fleye when you don’t get it and you come back and it’s gone…stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.

Swa-Rai: What’s the price range?

Our prices start at $45 and up.

Swa-Rai: What type of customer wears K~Fleye  jewelry?

The K~Fleye customers descends from all walks of life. K~Fleye is the universal type.

Swa-Rai: Do you do custom orders?

Everything we create at K~Fleye is custom. We will create special event items such as wedding veils or custom cuff links. Please know that each item is designed and created for a custom look and feel. Even our Limited edition items are also available from K~Fleye.

Swa-Rai: Any other closing words, you would like potential customers to know?

Stay ready…so you don’t have to get ready! Thanks

For more info: please visit or email:

For all media inquiries, please email:


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