Swa-Rai Fashion & Lifestyle Blog: Besides shoes, accessories are the best compliment to any outfit…

Any fashionable girl knows that you can’t complete your look without accessorizing your outfit…

For my 29th Birthday Extravaganza, I was going for a specific look and was in desperate need of a pair of earrings tailored to my specifications, someone referred me to SoundChick Accessories. Since I will practically try anything once, I called SoundChick up.

When I spoke with Feather Chick and told her what I wanted, She not only delivered a flawless product but it was done in a fast and courteous manner.

If you are in the market for a special kind of jewelry I suggest SoundChick Accessories.

Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Feather Chick of SoundChick Accessories…

Swa-Rai’-Type of products your company sales?

Handcrafted, Couture Feather Accessories

Swa-Rai’-Do you have a website?

Swa-Rai’-Tell me more about SoundChick and its purpose?

Established in 2005 SoundChick Accessories is a unique accessory brand that produces the finest quality, visually artistic and culturally inspired couture accessories and designs.
Swa-Rai’-What is your inspiration when it comes to designing your jewelry line?

My inspiration comes from the spirit within. The initial inspiration for my line was the sights, sounds and culture I experienced while living in Brooklyn, New York.
Swa-Rai’-Why should we buy from SoundChick?

SoundChick Accessories Manufactures and Produces Couture Accessories at Affordable prices.
Swa-Rai’-What type of customer wears SoundChick jewelry?Haute Fashionista’s of all ages wear SoundChick Accessories.
Swa-Rai’-Any other closing words, you would like potential customers to know?

SoundChick Accesories designs are customizable and available to be set in the metal of your choice. Accents can include gemstones, beads & crystals.

SoundChick Accessories also welcomes custom design orders. Please contact us:

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